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21:11 - Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015
interrupting savasana
At yoga-on-the-bluff today, we were instructed to keep a simple word in mind as we focused on our practice and our breathing. "Like 'peace', 'love', or 'joy'..." the instructor offered as options while we clutched the bottoms of our feet like babies.

Right as we settled into savasana, right as we were supposed to be relaxing our hands and letting our shoulders sink into the earth, the air was shattered by the metallic crash and shriek of a BMW slamming at full speed into a concrete divider about 100 feet away.

Everyone sat up fast, but only with their upper halves, so the park looked like a bunch of colorful prairie dogs popping out of holes. Someone screamed, "IDIOT!" It was unclear whether it was the driver of the BMW or someone who was raring to add insult to injury. The car was already tented up in the front and leaking fluid all over the road.

It was extremely awkward for the yoga instructor to coax everyone back into savasana, but she tried to lead us into it by changing our simple word to 'grateful', but NOT, as she stressed, that it was not happening to us, as we are, of course, all one, but that nobody, no body, no being, was hurt.


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