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19:36 - Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015
cool while I'm shampooing
I've been climbing on and off, mostly off, for about thirteen years now, and I'm still no good at it. I'm often accused of cheating by being tall and skipping holds or just stretching for a hold someone else may have to dyno, but I think it's probably hindered me more than it's helped, since I haven't been forced to develop the technique I might have had to otherwise.

Not to say that's the reason I haven't progressed much. That's a combination of lack of core strength and being complacent, I'm sure, and if I started climbing more regularly and intensely, or took an actual class or something, I'm sure I'd get better. But I'm a dabbler in all things, and that includes sports. I like playing racquetball twice a week, going climbing twice a week, and doing yoga twice a week, and being mediocre at all of them (except yoga - at that I'm unrepentantly awful).

Actually, if I could have one job two days a week, another job one day a week, and a third job the remaining two days, and somehow evade all the logistical nightmares about health insurance and 401K's and everything, I would be so incredibly down for that!

I've been having a bud of an idea, mostly just in the shower so far, of scrapping my food blog and creating a website where I do a different creative thing every time the season changes (repeating every year). That way I don't have to choose whether I want to be a food writer or a musician or just a plain writer, or rather, which one I want to be synonymous with me presence on the internet. Shower ideas, of course, have a naturally built in high risk of stupidity, but it sure sounds cool while I'm shampooing.


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