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11:30 - Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015
feel right doing
To elaborate on the 'sometimes consumerist culture is awesome' thing I threw out rather glibly yesterday:

I think that small-scale exchange is heartwarming. Watching artists spread out with their wares, having conversations with interested customers and overseeing the fruits of their labors change hands just feels good. It must be a nice shot of pride and accomplishment to watch something you created do someone else some good.

I guess I don't know if that's consumerist, because money isn't a necessary part of that narrative, but when I do buy things, I like to think of my money making it possible for the creators to live their lives in a fulfilling manner. But I know that not everything is naturally profitable, and sometimes goods need to be artificially monetized, which is where you start getting obtrusive popup ads and fancy packaging and Kickstarter.

I don't know. Buying handcrafted cinnamon citrus soap from the person who made it just feels right. It's not a political statement and certainly not a well thought-out one. It's just something I feel right doing.


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