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18:43 - Monday, Sept. 07, 2015
unsubtle parable
About 5 feet in front of the doors exiting the American side of the border crossing, there were three water fountains lined up in a row, as if to say 'Look, now you can drink me! For free! Right from the tap! It's OK, your stomach will be fine!'

Then, around a couple of bends and almost to the trolley stop, there were three more water fountains, shiny and beckoning, as before, but none of them worked. Not even a droplet of working. They may as well have been fountain installations made of steel and propped up on blocks with no piping.

It was like a very unsubtle, on-the-nose parable about what it might be like to enter the U.S. as an immigrant. All hope and rainbows at first, and then reality hits.


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