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19:20 - Monday, May. 25, 2015
waves are greener
Today, actual waves made it past the Long Beach breakwater to curl and crash on the shore. I'm not sure why. It wasn't particularly windy and the wind wasn't coming from a different direction. And even enough it was cold (California-cold), cold enough for jogging me to be wearing a second layer, there were families joyfully jumping over the swells in swimsuits.

This made me go on an internet-hopping-frenzy that ended at this page, which made me first elated (it's possible and even in the cards to restore waves to a beach two blocks away?!) to disappointed (the push appears to have ended in 2010).

Not that either the water or the air is ever really warm enough for me to swim comfortably, but in my grass-is-greener way I do, naively, believe that my life would be somehow improved by the addition of waves I can jump and let knock me over in spraying explosions of foam.


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