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09:56 - Friday, May. 17, 2013
food life rocks
Dear Younger Self,

I know you're stuck in Boulder without a car and only Whole Foodses as far as the eye can see (or the bike can ride, or the legs can walk), and I want to tell you something to make this less terrible, and to give you the sense of wriggling, almost foreboding excitement you rarely get to experience as an adult:

Where you live now, you can take your (insanely reliable, cheap, old, simple, worry-free) vehicle and within fifteen minutes be surrounded on all sides by:

- about 25 different types of Indian snack bags filled with assortments of legumes, peppers, and fried leaves

- jars of pickled lemons, with or without pepper

- barrels of rambutan, bags of lychees and mangosteen, piles of durian and jackfruit...

- cans of Russian-style smoked fish

- more types of Middle-Eastern, European, and Persian yogurt than you can name

- pandan tofu dessert

- exotic herbs that sell for 60 cents a bunch, kaffir lime leaves, sesame leaves, taro leaves...

- sashimi-grade fish, sea urchin, and roe

- a gazillion different kinds of kimchi in jars, pre-packaged banchan

This isn't even counting the restaurants. These are all grocery stores!

Younger self, you used to practically wet yourself in excitement for a trip to Pacific Ocean Market in Broomfield so you could raid the freezer section for dumplings, get a banh mi, and look in vain for some cut-up jackfruit. You'd come home with more bags than you could carry.

Current self, stop whining. The rest of your life may be teetering, but your food life rocks.


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