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11:10 - Tuesday, Jul. 25, 2006
how could you not see?
i was submerged in icicles, i was shadowed, i was killed. close my eyes and here it comes, i smell the blood of an Englishmun!

Shut up, younger self! Shut up! Sometimes I can't stand you! Why do you have to write terrible high-school-girl-poetry and post in on the internet? Why? How could you not see what this would become? Didn't you know you were going to see it when you were older and cringe all the way down to the most innermost of your bones? Didn't you know you were going to think, when you were older, about all the people who must have, over the years, seen this poem and read it and attributed it to you in their brains, and then find even more innermost bones to cringe down to? HOW COULD YOU NOT REALIZE WHAT YOU WERE DOING TO ME?


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