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10:17 - Thursday, Mar. 23, 2006
the mailman and the snowball fight
Yesterday I was walking to Wild Oats in the swirling snow and there was a group of kids having a snowball fight across both sides of the road. The mailman was pulling up in his truck with his door ajar and his legs hanging out, ready to jump out with his bag, and when he did, all of the kids started throwing snowballs at him! Most of them missed, but one skimmed across the top of his truck and then skimmed the top of the mailman's head. The mailman dropped his bag and - gave them a screaming lecture? Escaped hurriedly in his truck? Wiped the snow angrily off his head and cowered along his way? No, he balled up some snow with his ungloved hands and whipped snowballs, lightning speed and impeccable accuracy, one after another, directly into the kids retreating asses.


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