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14:31 - Friday, Jun. 03, 2005
i got hit by a motorcycle
Summer school is busier than I remember, but not busier than can be remembered by looking bak at diary entries from last summer, of which there are very few, and those that do exist consist of me whining about how I mathematically figured out that I was taking 28,908,127 hours of class a week by normal semester standards. The same holds true for this summer, which is why I haven't written about the fact that I got hit by a motorcycle last weekend. Not while I was in a car, or on another motorcyle, but while I was on my feet, in a group of three other people, walking across a very residential street. This is not exactly the time you expect to be getting hit by motorcycles.
We had passed the rider a couple houses back, asking the actual owner of the bike whether he should wear a helmet. The owner laughed. "Nah, you're only going around the block, come on!"
He got about two houses' length before he hit me. He ran the stop sign. He was already skidding, nearly horizontal, completely out of control on his right turn that he didn't know how to make, and he knocked my feet out with his wheel as he went down. I flew ten feet up, landed on my ass, which , really, is the best place to land. He landed under the motorcycle. My mom screamed, but not for him. For me. I was laughing, because I'd just gotten hit by a motorcycle and felt just fine. (This changed over the next few days, while I had whiplash in my entire body.)
The situation of him being hurt worse than me, but it still being entirely his fault for riding something he didn't know how to ride while running a stop sign in front of pedestrians without a helmet, caused his apology to be comically awkward. "I'm so, so, so... owwww. Shit. So sorry. I don't know what I was doing.. oww, fuck. Ow. My foot! Are you okay? Are you.. OW!" (He was OK too, just didn't have much skin on the outside of his left leg.) Lucky my mom was there instead of my dad, who would have kicked his ass and tried to sue him. She just glared. Fun times on Saturdays.


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