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18:10 - Monday, Mar. 28, 2005
meaning meaning significance culture reincarnation
I spent my birthday-minute today (12:03 Chicago time, so 11:03 here-time) staring at this girl's leg. She was wearing a short skirt and fascinating socks. I don't remember the socks very well now. They were black. I think they had green X's on them. Her leg was the kind of leg I that looks good in miniskirts with long socks. The Catholic schoolgirl type of leg. You know. The type of leg without any substantial calf-muscles, but with terrific thighs. I was staring at her leg because I had the most boring class of my day at that time, the class that goes like this...

Teacher: 'So I'd like you to contemplate something really... interesting.' (pause. head-tilt.) 'What.... do you... REMEMBER?' (significantly longer pause, head tilt.)
Class: '.......'
Teacher: 'Okay, what about if you thought about what you remembered WITH A BUNCH OF OTHER PEOPLE REMEMBERING THE SAME THINGS AS YOU?' (Pregnant pause. Head nearly horizontal.)
Class: '......'
Teacher's pet: 'Oh my god, yeah, YEAH. I GET IT.'
Teacher: 'But. Okay. Get this. Try to remember... something you remember... without anyone ELSE remembering what you remember!!!'
Class: '....'
Teacher's pet: 'Professor, you just CHANGED MY LIFE. Oooh. Aaahhh.'
Professor: 'Now, meaning meaning significance pretentious words culture reincarnation significance subjectivity meaning meaning....'

...and I didn't want to spend the first minute of my 21st year on earth listening to that. I would rather check out this girl's leg... in detail.
I am totally not a cultural anthropologist.


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