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11:59 - Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2004
within my sights
On Sunday Nick and I went to the teahouse in Boulder that our sister city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan, built for us awhile ago. It was our anniversary on Sunday. This terrified me, and thrilled me, and shocked me. I spent more on our dinner (samosas, flautas, mustard-encrusted salmon, Cuban slow-cooked beef, chai flan, tea gingerbread, a hibiscus cooler, and snow-blossom green tea) than I think I have spent on food all the rest of the month. Oh well. Ifmy money doesn't go into my stomach, it goes - nowhere. Collecting dust, making the tiniest amount of interest. 5 cents a month or something.
So here's what I want to do, next semester, those days when I've got no class, every Tuesday and Thursday, the respite that I will have earned from 5 classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Since my keyboard and mixer and everything is hooked up to my laptop, which has the necessary programs, but is stripped of its life force by viruses, I want to make a bunch of music - just with my voice. Nick's computer has a great, fast, accurate voice recorder, and I am going to make my voice every key on the piano (after I write the sheet music on the piano). This could be torture for all my neighbors. Oh well.
Chicago tomorrow. Good food is within my sights. I can almost feel my old pants finally fitting me again.


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