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01:57 - Saturday, Nov. 13, 2004
them and me
Act I, Scene 1
Them: ...and look, this watch my dad got me.. it's my ONLY graduation gift! I mean, graduating is like a big deal... oh yeah, I mean he also got me that trip to Australia, but, you know...
Me: So where are you guys going?
Them: :halts. reluctantly.: Trilogy.
Me: And where's that?
Them: ....I don't know.
Me: Well, I don't know either.
Them: :add super exasperated eye roll: You're NightRide. You're supposed to know where everything is.
Me: Well. Actually I'm supposed to know where every street is, not every trendy club.
Them: It's.. like.. downtown. I guess. On... like... a teen street. You know?

Act I, Scene 2
Them: Homegirl, you know who Zach is? He's addicted to heroin!.
Other them: Don't be playin her like that.

Act I, Scene 3
Them has broken up with Them's boyfriend over the phone and is calling him while getting a ride to try and get back together. Them cries, scratching a hole in her black spiderweb stockings. Woe..
Them's girlfriends laugh in the backseat and whisper about what a sucker Them is and what a bitch-ass motherfucker Them's ?boyfriend? is.
Me pretends to gossip over the police radio in number code. Me's number code means: Here! I am ready for more rides with send the clients out, I understand no. Helps yesses.

Act I, Scene 4
Them: I'm from Nor Cal - San Fran.
Me's boyfriend: But was she... was she REALLY??


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