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17:17 - Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2004
we offered him a plum
we went up to nederland last weekend and erik's camera was set to chicago time instead of dc time so we missed the bus we wanted and it was cold. nick convinced us to hitchhike instead of waiting an hour and a half for the next one. probably 30 cars passed us before a man in a pickup pulled up and motioned us into the bed of his truck. from the tiny window that connected the outside and the inside floated a strong smell of pot and cheery merry-go-round techno. through the tiny window also came sweatshirts to keep us warm as we swept down highway 119. we all leaned against the truck facing backwards, shivering. something about driving in the open air; no windows or distorted glass, is that it's more like hiking than driving. i feel now that that was the first time i've ever seen the rock formations just west of boulder.
caught unawares flying backwards into a tunnel makes sound a vacuum. my hands wouldn't curl around my groceries when he dropped us off at 6th street. we offered him a plum.


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