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19:39 - Friday, Jul. 09, 2004
it's, like, that time
It's like that time when I peeled a hard-boiled egg over a full open garbage can, sniffed the air, and thought, 'this egg smells funny,' so I threw it out.

13:02 - Friday, Jul. 09, 2004
harder to do
I think taking 7 credits in one session of the summer is like taking 29,000,973,326,732,622 credits during the year when you don't have to sit through 2 hour lectures and have tests twice a week... one is a lab, so in addition to all that I've got pre-labs every night and a teacher who I have a special nickname for that I will not post here because it is mean.
And so much spaghetti in my kitchen that I don't have time to eat, too. I'm about to go to Creekside and argue that my apartment did not cost 1268 dollars to fix up after we moved out. Maybe, like, 200, but...
My roommate came home the other weekend with his Super Nintendo he brought from home. This causes homework to be ten trillion times harder to do.

10:17 - Monday, Jul. 05, 2004
it faded
Short. Thin. In any case, petite. Dark hair, usually long dark hair. The skin colour doesn't really matter as long as it contrasts with something; either eyes or hair. Boys like girls who can wear a lot of mascara and look hot in it rather than dead. Always, always girls who don't like, or seem to not like the boys back. Better yet, girls with boyfriends.

I had a dream last night that I was not exactly a mother but was carting around a baby and taking care of it in preparation for the real thing. The baby at one point was three tiny bugs; two green and one red, jumping around at the end of my shower. The most important thing was brushing their teeth and hosing them down with milk. The showerwater kept hitting them and threatening to wash them down the drain.

At another point my baby was a slimy eel-like baby. But not very often. A slimy eel-like baby required more care than my dream-self was willing to give. Anyway, it made me really want to have babies. I wait in eager anticipation for the day that I can have babies and it won't be completely incompatible with my lifestyle.

Last night was one the craziest nights of my entire life; it even lasted throughout the night with this dream-eel-bug-baby shit. It made me realize how little I understand. 'I wish you were on mushrooms, too, so you could see this,' she said, but later, maybe not. Problem is, it just lasts too long. I hope that it faded by the time she went to sleep.


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