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18:04 - Friday, May. 07, 2004
i am drinking apricot nectar
we caught a mountain lizard with a grass noose framed by redsand rocks and pine trees whose baby pinecones spat yellow powder if picked. the lizard with its grass leash looked like a brown-green mini-dog; the new chihuahua. its belly was a blue like the new crayola sparkle-glitter series: neon cerulean. who uses words like cerulean?
the lizard's belly.
it was let go by the knot being loosened and the lizard being told to 'run through the loop'. the lizard ran through the loop and into a hole on the mountain.

our house for next year, the one that we got since i convinced nick to retract the offer on the other one, is ten minutes from the lizard-catching area. fifteen minutes from the spires at mapleton. on sunday, we're going to tube down the boulder creek, which is made of snowmelt and makes iced numb smoothies out of your toes. tomorrow there is a barbecue by our pool. i am drinking apricot nectar.
three days until california. and nine until hop li, to the hour.

19:59 - Sunday, May. 02, 2004
college: 1 - hannah: 0
Score one for college:
Lara and I just smoked a joint with our poetry and fiction workshop teachers, respectively, and talked about the Pixies, Bjork, and poolside mating rituals.


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