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13:35 - Saturday, Apr. 17, 2004
adventures on the night hop
nick and i were coming back from a party at something like one in the morning, and our rides were all drunk, so we had to take the night hop. the night hop is a bus that runs down the main drag from 10pm-3am, shuttling drunk kids to their doors and getting vomited on, et cetera.
so we're sitting in the front of the bus. the bus driver is blaring la bouche's 'tonight is the night'. he looks tired. i cannot figure out why he would choose la bouche as his night hop music. it's like a bus-configured continuation of whatever party everyone's coming from. and not surprisingly, three drunk girls flag down the bus when it's nowhere near a stop. they stampede on. one drapes an arm around the bus driver's shoulder and says, 'where's the music?'
'it's on, baby,' the bus driver responds and turns the music up to earsplitting.
'woooooo!' screams the drunkest of the three and dances around the bus as it's bouncing down the street. she does a few pole dances with the grippy poles and then sits back down and stares at nick and i. after awhile, she leans over to me and says, 'girl, he's a cutie-doll. you better take advantage of him tonight.'
nick is wearing one of my red shirts because it was a red-themed party and he didn't have anything red. the sleeves are very short and it is very tight. if anything, he just looks extremely gay.
'and you,' she says to nick, 'she has nice legs. you better appreciate her legs.'
nick is laughing. it takes him a second, but once he figures out he thinks it's funny, he thinks it's hilarious.
one of the girl's friends taps her on the shoulder. 'how do you know they're even together?' she asks.
'well, they look like it... they better be.'
'we're together,' nick says.
'SEE?' she screeches.
it's our stop.

13:38 - Tuesday, Apr. 13, 2004
we should all be like the half-naked man
In the corner of the student center today there was a booth with a huge sign in front that said, '666-The Mark Of The Devil. What does this signify?' The table had Watchtower magazines scattered everywhere and a bored woman was reading Cosmopolitan in the chair behind it.
I walked by eating a hot dog twice; once to head home, and the other to turn around because someone was yelling my name. I never found out who. The 666 booth woman thought I was curious and couldn't muster the courage to ask her questions about the mark of the devil. She looked at me knowingly and said, 'I know. I know.' and then handed me a Watchtower magazine.

This will be the fourth Watchtower magazine I have had in this house at some point. There's a cutout from my first one up on the wall that depicts a Jezebel seductively motioning for a half-naked man to join her on the bed. He's pulling on his clothes and running frantically for the door. He's saving his soul. We should all be like the half-naked man.


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