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20:01 - Sunday, Mar. 14, 2004
four things
i really wish i could post the picture that goes along with this caption: 'Elliot Joint Dispenser (tm)'
just picture a boy with 13 joints in his mouth all in a row waiting for one to be plucked out and smoked. like a pez dispenser for stoners.

yesterday i saw a guy on a bus in denver offer the bus driver a handle of vodka. when he refused, the guy asked the driver to take him 'where the action is', and the driver said, 'i'm going to south downing; all the action's at south downing.' completely sarcastic, of course, and the guy with the handle of vodka stumbled down the stairs somewhere on the outskirts; southeast downtown, grumbling and slurring.

i had this smashing realization at about 5:30 how lucky i am to have nick, like it really hit me hard, and then not more than a half hour later he imed me that he's going back on his completely insane diet of fruit and nuts and seeds, right before we travel to chicago, where my dad has made eight million dinner reservations for us and my mom is cooking us a birthday dinner of chicken and biscuits, and then another one of mussels and clams: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

okay, two hours later. situation resolved. victory is mine.

i wonder if i would be okay if i ran up the side of the flatiron like it was a skateboard ramp, in climbing shoes.


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