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6:45 p.m. - 2001-05-13
i was submerged in icicles, i was shadowed, i was killed. close my eyes and here it comes; a rushing crash of epiphanies. cold, cold, climb through my eyes, ooze out my ears, reach out but cannot grasp the light, is dark again. five towers pointing from the snow reach for the tops of the evergreens. my lips form words i do not know. the light comes quick and noiseless, two bright lights for two dim eyes. bore through and down my parched throat, i feel my body start to rise. carried skimming over sand and beaches bitter with blue, suddenly i can touch the ocean, suddenly i can see the moon. these two bright lights, these yellow orbs, catlike in their nearness to the soul. my hands spasm out, it's so cold. wake up the snow grabs at my limbs, sudden searing jerk of pain. i'm lying frozen in the snow, the snow that will bear me home again.


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